After receiving a few messages on instagram - I figured it was time to dedicate a place on my website to share & link my everyday essentials for an interior photoshoot. I am constantly learning from others and picking up new ideas, tips and tricks so I thought it might be helpful to share what I currently use here as a reference.

camera, computer stand, extra batteries, tether cable, laptop, external hard drive, 24-70mm lens, 35mm lens, tripod

I shoot 90% of my photos with the 24-70mm lens and swap it out for the 35mm when I want to get close up shots of all the pretty details. I highly recommend the tripod linked to keep your camera stable and level to ensure your images are sharp and clean. I've used lightweight, less expensive tripods in the past and after having my last camera tip over and crash on the wood floor at a shoot (yeah - it was awful!) I vowed to never let that happen again. A solid tripod will solve that - especially because the 24-70mm lens is quite heavy.

I could probably write a few blog posts on all the little things you may need on an interior shoot based on experience so I'll save that for a separate post or two. I try to answer emails and DM's as often as possible so feel free to shoot me a message if I missed anything!